Song Writing Project

March 28, 2020

If you've been playing around with Soundation (or GarageBand, or Tunedra, etc.), it's time to compose an accompaniment to your chorus and mix them in Audacity.  Here are the steps to take creating your first accompanied chorus:



1) Create an accompaniment track on Soundation.


2) (This is IMPORTANT) EXPORT your sound file as an MP3 or WAV file.  Save it to your composition folder on your computer's hard drive


3) Go to a quiet place in your house where you still have internet access


4) Find your accompaniment on your computer and plug in some headphones or earbuds if you have them


5) Press record on Audacity or your other recording device


6) Press play on the accompaniment track and record yourself singing your voice part. 


7) When you're done singing, stop recording.  Have a listen to your recording.  Ideally, you should only hear your voice and nothing else.  If you like it, keep it.  If it's not as good as you want, re-record it as many times as you want


8) You can use Audacity to edit your voice as you wish.  Look at the instructions below or click HERE to learn more.  Import your accompaniment track, align it to your voice, and balance the sounds so one track doesn't overwhelm the other.


9) (This is IMPORTANT...again) EXPORT your sound file as an MP3 or WAV file.  Save it to your composition folder on your computer's hard drive


9) Upload your recording to my Google Drive by going to

If you run into trouble, write me an e-mail anytime and I'll help you through it.  I'm also available to chat online or on the phone every weekday between 10:45 - 12:00 so we can connect one-on-one to get you the help you need.  Write me a message if you want to chat and we'll set a time to meet online.  


I'm going to set up a couple of 'get togethers' this week so we can gather online and see how things are going.  Also, feel free to write on this blog to share ideas and ask questions.




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