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PSD Honor Choir - 2020 Update

2020 - A year to remember! Even though we won't be able to sing together this spring, we want to invite you to be a part of a couple musical ensembles next year:

2021 PSD Honor Choir

All 2020 Honor Choir members will be invited to participate in the Spring, 2021 event. This will be a 7th - 9th grade ensemble.

  1. Both our guest directors, Dr. Seth Pendergast and Mrs. Abigail Martinez, have agreed to join us again in 2021

  2. We'll use the same repertoire planned for the 2020 event.

  3. Members who have already accepted their seats for the 2020 Honor Choir will not need to audition for the 2021 ensemble. Their seats are guaranteed.

  4. Auditions will take place as normal with new 7th & 8th grade singers. Depending on how many 9th graders choose to join us, the choirs could potentially be larger, but we can accommodate that increase fairly easily. The goal is to give 7th graders the same opportunity to audition and participate as if it were a regular school year.

2020 Proto Honor Choir

We will create a 'Proto-Honor Choir' for Fall, 2020 - We want to give those who made the 2020 Honor Choir a chance to sing and have something to look forward to when we get back to school. Here's how it will look:

  1. We'll ask one of our guest directors to choose 2 pieces from the Honor Choir repertoire.

  2. Participating 2020 Honor Choir members will learn those pieces using the online tools I've already put on the website. Go to to hear the rehearsal tracks

  3. I'll schedule an 'Honor Choir Lock-In': a night to get together, get to know each other, rehearse with the guest director, and perhaps have some dinner and some fun.

  4. The Proto-Honor Choir will perform their two pieces at the PSD Choral Festival in November. They will be featured in addition to the guest high school choirs as both an opportunity to perform and an encouragement for new choir members to audition.

  5. Because we won't know how many students, especially freshman singers, will choose to participate we'll only assemble one mixed choir. Singers from either 2020 Honor Choir (Mixed or Treble) will be in that one, larger ensemble. It may be big, so we may feature one of the treble pieces if we have enough treble singers available.

Current 2020 Honor Choir members:

You Have Options

We'd like to give these young singers the flexibility to pick what works for them and their family, as well as give them opportunities to perform. Singers can:

  1. Choose to commit to 1 performance (either the fall or the spring). Their seat will be held or filled as needed

  2. Choose to commit to both performances

  3. Choose to relinquish their seat for the 2020-2021 school year. That seat will be filled by new auditionees

  4. No decisions need to be made now. Your middle school or high school directors will work with you at the beginning of the Fall, 2020 school session.

  5. However, you must be participating in a school music ensemble to be eligible to sing in the Fall, 2020 or Spring, 2021 performance. While it doesn't have to be a choir, you must be enrolled in a music ensemble to participate.

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