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The Song Writing Project - Verses

Now that you've had a chance to write and accompany your chorus, it's time to focus on writing the verses for your song. While the chorus is the theme of your song, the verses tell the 'story' of your song.

They tend to be longer and more narrative than the chorus. The goal this week is to write the lyrics (poetics) for your verses. Here are the directions to use a song writing template, write your lyrics, and share them with me to evaluate.

1) Open up the songwriting template from my GoogleDrive:

2) Find your copy of the lyrics template. You're name is on the file.

3) Write your chorus lyrics in the chorus parts of the template

4) Begin writing lyrics for the verses on the template. Each verse should have at least 4 lines of text. Many song lyrics use poetics/rhyming to tell their story. While it makes it easier to sing, it's not required it rhymes.

5) You must have at least 2 verses, though you can add more if you want. You can also restructure your song as you want. The template is only a basic songwriting structure. Feel free to shift the order of the verses and chorus. You can add other features as your song demands, but each song should have at least a chorus (sung at least twice) and 2 verses, each with different lyrics.

6) Start thinking about the melody you'll sing for each verse. The melodies are the pitches you'll sing while performing the song (not just chanting - you've gotta sing 😁).

7) Give your song a title.

8) You can create an introduction and/or coda if you want, though these aren't essential. They simply start and end a song well.


If you run into trouble, write me an e-mail anytime and I'll help you through it. I'm also available to chat online or on the phone every weekday between 10:45 - 12:00 so we can connect one-on-one to get you the help you need. Write me a message if you want to chat and we'll set a time to meet online.

I'm going to set up a couple of 'get togethers' this week so we can gather online and see how things are going. Also, feel free to write on this blog to share ideas and ask questions.

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