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Kinard 2020 Spring Virtual Concert & 2020-2021 Rosters

This has been an unusual year, to say the least. I'm so proud of how well so many of you have done as we close out the Spring, 2020 choral season at Kinard Middle School. This virtual concert is a culmination of your hard work, growth, and learning. Congratulations!


Spring 2020 Virtual Choir Concert

This performance spans the range of choral music learning and singing. To begin, our final live performance on March 11th was something to remember, with composer Alexander L'Estrange traveling from Cambridge England to work with our ensemble (Zach Elementary, Kinard Middle, Fossil Ridge, and Poudre High Schools) on a premier concert.

You will then see the virtual choir world, with singers performing from home and coming together using the magic of music technology we learn at Kinard.

The final performance is a hybrid - a mixture of the live and the recorded. The live performance of Baba Yetu was filmed at our December concert. The recordings were done class-by-class and mixed together in a studio to demonstrate how music, as an expressive art, can be expressed in infinite ways.


Choir Rosters

The 2020-2021 Kinard Choir & Music Explorations can be found by following this link or clicking HERE. Students can families can sign in to view the rosters using their PSD credentials.

Students can families can sign in to view the rosters using their PSD credentials

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