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Carnegie Hall Trip - 11/19/2021 Parent Meeting Notes

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Hello! Here is information from the parent meeting on 11/19, if you were unable to attend.

NYC trip Itinerary

NYC Itinerary
Download PDF • 3.32MB

Student Travel Acknowledgment

Student Travel Acknowledgement - Kinard NYC
Download PDF • 140KB


  • Students, if you have not given Mr. Wheeler the name of who you want to room with, please email or talk to him ASAP


  • There will be two staff members on the trip, Mr. Wheeler and Mrs. Bopray

  • Each chaperone will be in charge of a group of 4 students

  • Students will need to check with their teachers about any missing work


  • You are in charge of getting to the airport (we'll meet you there!)

  • Meet at the United Airlines check in at 4:00AM, yes AM

  • You (student) hold on to your own airline tickets as we pass through security

QUESTIONS that were asked at the meeting:

Q: Which Broadway show will we see?

A: We've requested to see The Music Man with Hugh Jackman, but we won't know that one is available for a while.

Q: When will Carnegie Hall tickets go on sale?

A: 60 days prior to the show

Q: If you have relatives in NY, can I go visit them?

A: Only a parent can check out a student from the group

But on the days of the show and rehearsal we must stay together

Q: Can we provide snacks in NY?

A: Only store bought snacks and only if sharing with the whole group

Q: What kind of transportation will we have in New York?

A: Walking or Motor Coach

Q: What is the dress code?


Performance day: all black and robes

Rehearsal day: school appropriate

Touring days: comfortable school appropriate, good walking shoes

Our plan is a second fundraiser in the winter that gained some great success on our last NYC trip: Eileen's Cookie Dough. Look for that one soon!

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