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Beginning Choir - The Mozart Project

Now that you've practiced recording yourself and uploading your voice to Mr. Wheeler's GoogleDrive, it's time to start preparing our virtual choir concert. Our first challenge - the Mozart Alleluia from Exsultate Jubilate. Here are the steps to plan, practice, recording, and upload your voice.

1) Find the written music on the GoogleDrive:

2) Find the rehearsal track on the Kinard Choir website:

3) Spend a week reviewing both the counting and pitches for the Alleluia. Then, start to figure out how to add in the lyrics. Fortunately, it's only one word: Alleluia. Unfortunately, those fast notes are tough to sing on a single vowel: AH-LEH-LOO-YA. Use the rehearsal track as well as the music video at to figure out the style and vowel placement.

4) Record your voice - When you think you're able to sing it well enough to record, give it a try. Listen to the recording of your voice and compare it to the rehearsal track. Make sure your lyrics and pitches match. Don't forget to export it as an MP3 file.

5) Once it's at a quality you like, upload the MP3 file to my GoogleDrive:

6) Have your recording uploaded by Friday, April 17th. I will write feedback on your recording and grade it. Completed recordings will earn a 3. Recordings accepted for the mix will earn a 4.

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