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Beginning Choir - The Route 66 Project - FINAL

You've recorded I Sing Because I'm Happy and you took a shot at the Mozart Alleluia. Now comes the final challenge for Spring 2020 - the Route 66 Project

1) Find the written music on the GoogleDrive:

2) Find the rehearsal track on the Kinard Choir website:

3) Spend a week reviewing and rehearsing your part. You can stick to the part you sang in choir, but feel free to move to a part that more comfortably fits your voice. The Part III rehearsal tracks have a cambiata part, so lows and cambiata guys can sing that part if desired. Otherwise, pick Part I or Part III.

4) This is jazz! Just singing the right notes isn't quite good enough. Pay very close attention to articulation (staccato, accents, legato, etc.). Listen closely to the singer on the rehearsal track and work to match his articulation. You don't have to sound just like him - create your own style of singing. However, keep your notes as long and short as he does, especially with the consonants.

4) Record your voice - When you think you're able to sing it well enough to record, give it a try. Listen to the recording of your voice and compare it to the rehearsal track. Make sure your lyrics and pitches match. Don't forget to export it as an MP3 file.

5) Once it's at a quality you like, upload the MP3 file to my GoogleDrive:

6) Have your recording uploaded by Friday, May 8th. I will write feedback on your recording and grade it. Completed recordings will earn a 3. Recordings accepted for the mix will earn a 4.

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